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Why use the payroll services from 8baan Payroll?

Payroll services for employers

If you are considering hiring new staff but you do not want them to be on your company’s payroll 8baan Payroll offers the solution by providing the most client-friendly and least expensive payroll service in the Netherlands.

The advantages of using payroll services from 8baan Payroll:

• Flexible labour contracts
• No payroll/administration
• No obligation to pay in case of sickness
• You can recruit your own personnel
• You never pay more than 5% extra

All of the administrative process will be handled by 8baan Payroll. Including: salary-payments, withholding all the necessary taxes including income-tax, social premiums (WW/WA/WAO), informing the UWV and other authorities, distributing salary-specifications etc.

There are no start-up costs or minimum costs per invoice. When and if a certain amount of predetermined work-hours has been reached we can even offer you a discount on our 5% margin!


Procedures when using the payroll services from 8baan Payroll

Registration of your employees

Before an employee can be registered on the payroll of 8baan Payroll we need the following documents:

• A copy of a valid ID (passport/ID-card)
• A copy of a valid work permit
• A registration-form with name/address/bankaccountnr. etc.
• The original tax-form (loonbelastingsverklaring)

Only if all these documents are send to and in possession of 8baan Payroll an employee can be registered.
During the first week of the every month 8baan Payroll will send a salary-specification to each employee. At the end of each year each employee will receive a salary-specification for tax purposes.


In case of sickness


When one of your employees is sick he/she will have to contact 8baan Payroll and the UWV (Institute for employee-insurances). There is no obligation of pay for the employer.

Reservations and surcharges

In addition to the gross salary every employee will save reservations. Just like with any other labour contract your employees will save a holiday surcharge of 8 % of the gross salary. This surcharge will be paid twice a year, namely in week 26 en 52.
Also they will save up vacation-days consisting of 10.48 % of the gross salary. In effect this means for a fulltime job that every month your employees will save up 16 hours or 2 days.

When an employee wants to take some paid time-off, this will of course have to be discussed with the employer and 8baan Payroll. The above mentioned surcharges and reservations can be paid to a maximum of what was saved.

For short-time absence (for instance a visit to the doctor) this can also be paid. There is a surcharge of 0.60 % of the gross salary to compensate for such occurrences.

End of labour contract

Every labour contract in phase 1 or 2* can be terminated at any moment by either party. When the employer does not want to or can no longer employ the flexible worker the employer can terminate the contract at any time. When the flexible worker does not want to or can no longer work for the employer (including invalidity) the contract can be terminated at any time.

8baan Payroll and the employee will notify the other party as soon as possible if and when the contract is terminated.

When there is labour contract with a specified duration (phase 3*) the employer can terminate the contract and 8baan Payroll will continue payments until the end of the contract.

You can request a tender free of charge and without any obligations. You can contact us online and one of our account-managers will call you back within 24 hours. Or you can call us at + 31 (0) 20 67 11 888 from Monday – Friday 9.00 am until 6.00 pm.

8baan Payroll is a registered member of the Nederlandse Bond van Bemiddelings- en Uitzendondernemingen (NBBU).

* For information about the collective bargaining agreement for flexible workers (CAO voor uitzendkrachten) and other (legal) information you can also visit: www.nbbu.nl.

A digital copy (Word-format) of the collective bargaining agreement for flexible workers can be obtained free of charge from 8baan Payroll.

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